Thursday, June 21, 2012

Filming the Good Stuff on Alison in Wonderland

So shooting on Alison in Wonderland continues. We've now got well over half the script filmed and are filming the juicier bits including much of the Mad Hatter stuff. We will be around 2/3 of the way done by the end of next month. It has been very challenging and stressful but always rewarding. I will be posting a new extra special production diary soon with an interview about the movie's progress soon. For fans of Dave Luce, the good news is that he will be involved with the movie after all, providing the voice of the Caterpillar and hopefully playing Pippyn the Hunchbacked Chef! I have shot about 20 hours of footage for this movie, more than 10 times the amount I filmed for Little Red Riding Hood.

Some publicity stills for your viewing pleasure:

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