Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Derek (Jacob Schwartz) and Alison (Kendahl Light)
So after a winter hibernation, shooting has once more recommenced on Alison in Wonderland. After deciding Dharmik Patel was miscast I am refilming the Derek scenes with Jacob Schwartz along with shooting the remainder of the "real world scenes". I think having Jake play both Derek and the Mad Hatter is a good, Oz like touch. The first Wonderland sequences that will be filmed are the Mad Hatter stuff in May. I have also  finally found a Red Queen in Holly Schaff and done a costume test. We are going to be shooting through spring, summer and fall this year and I am very confident that we will finally finish the movie now.
Holly Schaff as the Red Queen
And finally a new production diary for your viewing pleasure, opening with a recap by me about the film's production difficulties and current status:

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