Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Some HD stills from Alison in Wonderland's teaser trailer, enjoy:
 We will be doing some pick ups and reshoots in February and March and will be shooting the remainder of the real world scenes and the first of the Wonderland scenes (mainly the Mad Hatter) in April and May. As I wait for shooting to recommence on Alison, I have begun work on a new version of Black Sunshine: Conversations with T.F. Mou. It will feature, among other things:
-New narration by Rebecca Howland (Molly in Alison in Wonderland)
-Improved color timing for the interview segments.
-A tidier, slimmer pace with some sequences trimmed and condensed, I hope to make this version 5 minutes shorter in total. The Shaw Brothers sequences in particular will be trimmed a little bit since T.F. does not look back upon his Shaw years with much pride. I also want to take the footage costs down a tad.
-The current events finale which hardly minces words in its negative portrayal of the politics of recent years will be toned down a bit, it is simply too polarizing and radical for some tastes and I suspect I have lost interested film sellers because of it, as much as I believe in the importance of speaking the truth. Perhaps such things are better depicted in a subtle fashion anyways, even Michael Moore wouldn't dare compare the Bush Administration with Hitler.

Current plans are unknown, but I may make good on my two disc DVD-R set once Alison is finished and I have more dough to toss around.

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