Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Some HD stills from Alison in Wonderland's teaser trailer, enjoy:
 We will be doing some pick ups and reshoots in February and March and will be shooting the remainder of the real world scenes and the first of the Wonderland scenes (mainly the Mad Hatter) in April and May. As I wait for shooting to recommence on Alison, I have begun work on a new version of Black Sunshine: Conversations with T.F. Mou. It will feature, among other things:
-New narration by Rebecca Howland (Molly in Alison in Wonderland)
-Improved color timing for the interview segments.
-A tidier, slimmer pace with some sequences trimmed and condensed, I hope to make this version 5 minutes shorter in total. The Shaw Brothers sequences in particular will be trimmed a little bit since T.F. does not look back upon his Shaw years with much pride. I also want to take the footage costs down a tad.
-The current events finale which hardly minces words in its negative portrayal of the politics of recent years will be toned down a bit, it is simply too polarizing and radical for some tastes and I suspect I have lost interested film sellers because of it, as much as I believe in the importance of speaking the truth. Perhaps such things are better depicted in a subtle fashion anyways, even Michael Moore wouldn't dare compare the Bush Administration with Hitler.

Current plans are unknown, but I may make good on my two disc DVD-R set once Alison is finished and I have more dough to toss around.

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

As we enter the new year, I have a nice little surprise:
Alison in Wonderland's official teaser trailer. Watch (preferably in 1080p HD), enjoy, upvote and share. Hopefully this gives you a good idea of what to expect in December 2012. I have worked and fought very hard for what you see there and am happy with the footage I have gotten for this film, though, of course, disappointed that I couldn't move forward with it as quickly as I wanted to. I am particularly pleased with Kendahl Light and Jacob Schwartz, both of whom were excellent finds and have done a great job following in Charli Henley and Dave Luce's footsteps and very much have captured the essence of my own vision of the characters. I was disappointed that I didn't get around to shooting the Mad Hatter stuff this summer and fall and in fact, had I known how much trouble I'd be running into trying to make the film I'd have put more focus on getting that stuff shot, since the Mad Hatter, as a character, is one of the film's biggest selling points. The Hatter and Hare footage you see in the teaser is footage filmed solely for the trailer and will not be used in the movie proper, at least per the plans right now, it's kind of a short film in of itself. I filmed it in early December of 2011.
At the end of the year on this blog I often do reflections of the past year and year ahead, since a year, even though an entirely human made concept and measure, is a very poetic thing to me. A good year brings goals completed and personal growth. 2006 brought both good and bad. 2007 more bad than good. 2008 was one of the worst years of my life but ended up what seemed to be redemption. 2009 was very productive year but marred by health problems and personal trouble. 2010 was more of the same which got me so frustrated I injured myself. This year hasn't been any better, though I have withstood its challenges in a more mature fashion. I really have little to say. My mission is still not complete which is very frustrating to me since I was counting on it being finished but I have taken it more like a man I think. I have realized the true scope of how immature I've been. I am not to say I'm not sometimes very angry and depressed about what's happened, I am, I sadly, am not the type of person who responds well to his plans not working out, setbacks really get me down. I am just as angry, at times, as I was back in 2008, but back then I didn't process it properly. However it has become obvious that there is nothing I can do about it except continue to press on and simply continue to adapt to the continually changing plans and eventually I'll win. I had a plan, I was going to make Alison in Wonderland last year and have a film by the end of it. I intended to see that plan through no matter what. Yet somehow it didn't happen, I don't know where to begin on what went wrong and whether it was my fault or not. At least I got good footage and the groundwork for next year has largely been laid so it will be easier next year. By all means I will likely succeed and for all that I am grateful.
And here we have an additional treat, the "clean version" of the President's speech which appears on Alison's TV during one scene that can be briefly glimpsed in the trailer. As documented, we had to shoot this about three weeks before principal photography. I worked pretty hard to make it look like real news footage and this shows off the movie's attention to detail nicely. I am the proudest of the movie's attention to detail and the amount of work I spent on the film's environments and sets, the character's wardrobes and other such details. This has been a double edged sword since obsessing about those things draws shooting out  but heavy attention to detail makes for a very impressive product and among my inspiration was Stanley Kubrick's style of making movies along with Star Wars and the Lord of the Rings movies. There's stuff I put thought into so minute that you don't even see in the finished film or glimpse only very briefly if your eyes are peeled and that, to me, really brings a movie's world "to life" and with Alison in Wonderland that is something I've striven for, something of a visionary and more transcendent quality to the movie's low budget mayhem.

I have been, as said, neglected this blog because of how busy I've been but I should get back in the habit of updating it more often. Facebook, Blogger, Tumblr, YouTube, plus my own website, etc, it's tricky and kind of time consuming to keep it all up to date at once plus direct a feature film and keep my apartment clean. I recently thoroughly updated my website, I will be giving it another slight update given the Alison teaser's now out soon. Alison in Wonderland's page in particular has been updated with more details on its production status.