Tuesday, October 04, 2011

I have been fairly hard at work directing Alison in Wonderland and so haven't been updating this blog much. Been kind of out of the swing of things plus Facebook has put me in closer touch with many of this blog's readers anyways. But of course I will hardly abandon this blog and I will be updating it again more regularly once things settle down.
Derek (Dharmik Patel) and Alison (Kendahl Light)
Some difficult, disappointing but probably for the better news is that the shooting of the Wonderland scenes in Alison in Wonderland is now off until next May. I think it is a good decision in the long term, it will be a better film with more time poured into it. I am disappointed and depressed since last year I had to scrap various plans and I don't know when I'll finally have a year where I fulfill my goals again, it has been very difficult and trying for me since my disappointments with Black Sunshine: Conversations with T.F. Mou were repeated again, in even more quantity, this year. I think I should have split the filming up over more time from day one. I could have actually fulfilled my goal if I hadn't been let down by some people whom I made the mistake of trusting. I am especially disheartened because the White Rabbit scene which I was especially looking forward to shooting needs to be put off until next year because of the season change. The actress who I had hired for the part just decided she didn't want to come to shooting that day and then I attempted to hire someone else for money to get that scene quickly filmed but that fell through as well. But I wouldn't have what I do have now if enough things didn't go right and I have collaborated with many wonderful people. I am very happy with the quality of the footage.
Molly (Rebecca Howland) explains a Tarot spread to Alison (Kendahl Light).
As disappointed as I am since I love reaching my own goals, I think it is a good decision in the long run. The film has been a logistic nightmare and the difficulty of the real world scenes have really taken me aback. I got a strong sense and feeling of "resistance" from day one but I hoped that with enough hard work and perseverance I would prevail. Now I think it very well could have been too much work in too little time for one person. The delays and logistical problems just piled on and forced me into temporary retreat. The Wonderland scenes, which have more special effects, actors, will need a bigger crew, etc, have an even higher "Murphy's Law" quota so I think it's in my best interest and a few actors need recasting anyways. I have three more days of shooting to go and then I'll be done with the "real world" scenes, about 30 minutes of the script overall. The quality of the footage will be even better next summer with more time and more time will make for smoother logistics, plus I'll be feel much less pressured with only 40 minutes of script to get next summer instead of 75. The film's completion will only be delayed for six months.
Mr. Good (Ray Boutin) gives his class a very strange lecture on how the human genepool has been contaminated by goat genes.
In the meantime, I have plans for the winter once the last few "real world scenes" are filmed. I am going to finish Black Sunshine: Conversations with T.F. Mou and rerecord the narration and also make the new pressing of Two Short Films and maybe even make good on my DVD-R release of Black Sunshine now that I'll be finally happy with it.

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