Monday, April 25, 2011

I proudly present the first of the Alison in Wonderland production diaries, an eyeopening glance into the world of Gen-Y Films with the film's pre-production process. As you can see, I've been working hard on the props, blocking the shots and getting things ready in time for shooting. I just posted casting calls for the movie last week and am rooting through applicants, though I seem to getting some cold feet here and there after reading the script. I did a few auditions on Saturday after a jaunt to the Brattle to see Monster Zero and the rare AIP print of Destroy All Monsters on the big screen.

And finally posted is some exclusive footage from the Black Sunshine: Conversations with T.F. Mou premiere including my pre-film speech and some footage of T.F. Mou in attendance. Enjoy.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

So a few little updates to the pre-production of Alison in Wonderland. The shooting script is a third of the way through and I've been doing a little prop work before I can really get crackin' once the money comes in. Getting the piked head to stand on their own through wooden support bases on the bottom was agonizing and took me a whole month to get right involving all three pikes having to be redone but is now down to a science. I'm also back on a second, harder round of the liver cleanse diet and mostly living on soy milk, hummus and rice while loading up on silymarin. I have the real severed head of a rabbit in my freezer. I randomly found the thing on the sidewalk while walking in a nearby cemetery and was compelled to bring it home to use it as a prop for Alison.

Some casting news: I have found a Mad Hatter in the form of one Jacob Schwartz, who impressed me with his understanding of the role and resemblance to my mental image of the character. Like Dave Luce before him, I think he'll take this where it needs to go. I am going to post casting callls for the other roles in the film in about a week.
 I am also working on that long promised new pressing of the Two Short Films DVD. This disc will have nice convenient menus and some of the special features will be tweaked a little, the commentaries will be slightly amended as I've remembered a few things I forgot to throw in there. Sadly the master files were lost in the Great Hard Drive Failure of '09. The biggest thing will be a totally redone version of Little Red Riding Hood's Making of. While I was moving last year, I rediscovered the master digital 8 tape for Red's behind the scenes shenanigans I thought I had lost, so it will be longer and funnier and also will have much better picture and sound. I think the Behind the Scenes stuff for Red Riding Hood and Dream House is certainly just as bizarre and almost as entertaining as the films themselves, Neil has told me this as well. They are fascinating time capsules of where I was in '06 and '07 and also provide very earnest and fascinating portraits of the variously eccentric and unusual personalities involved making these movies. I will also be including the infamous Agony and the Ecstasy of the Puppets opening and a few very amusing Easter eggs. This will be the first official release from Metacomet Video.

And as for Black Sunshine: Conversations with T.F Mou's future, I am at work on a website update with a nice DivX copy of the uncut version available for download. For the final edit, I am strongly considering aiming the film somewhat at the Chinese market as well and recording or having someone record Mandarin and maybe Cantonese versions of the narration track as well as having the whole interview translated into Chinese subtitles. I will be ironing out the loose ends of this probably after I finish the rough edit of Alison.