Friday, February 25, 2011

Alison in Wonderland continues to move forward. I am literally going to start posting casting calls in a week. I am building props a plenty and am getting ready to start more serious preparations. I have decided not to post pictures of the construction anymore or at least as much for two reasons. The first is that it's a little too much of a time waster taking all those pictures considering that the main emphasis needs to be on getting them ready so they can dress the film I'm about to shoot, not showing them off on the internet. Speaking of such, that leads me to reason two: I think showing off too many of the props beforehand might be spoiling the film too much.
A recently made prop for the Mad Hatter scene called simply "Baby Pincushion".
 Most of the heavy and dull paperwork for Alison is done. For some good, encouraging news, I just finished budgeting the film yesterday and the film looks like it will be coming in a little under its 10k budget. I will be buying a lot of second hand stuff for the props to keep the cost down and the total of everything the script calls for only came to about 9k!  That gives me a nice 1k cushion that can go toward post-production if it is not spent during the shoot, I have been putting a lot of my own financial resources toward this film and as such will probably be able to milk the budget even more so. The Red Queen sequences, as I predicted, are more costly than the entire rest of the film put together, which is kind of funny I think. Right now, I am in the midst of compiling the massive shooting script from all my notes.

As for other projects, I'll have a digital copy of the uncut Black Sunshine on my website probably next month. Adding a digital download section to the site is a huge pain in the ass because the menu has to be changed which involves repasting it onto every page and with all the drawings that makes it quite a nightmare, but I need to update my website anyways since the Kickstarter for Alison was a no-go and all. Those of you who donated will still get special thankses in the credits. I will also be working a little on the little 'Snow' short before Alison shoots and that long promised new pressing of Two Short Films. I am also almost done with a new draft of The Witch's Castle which I like much better.

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