Saturday, January 01, 2011

The Alison in Wonderland fundraiser promo is donesville. Once again, watch and donate and I hope you can see the same promise in this as I can. I talk about the movie's history, its aesthetics, its themes and its guerrilla production plans. I recorded a much longer video but I ended up editing it to a shorter one after the footage came out all blurry thanks to bad autofocus. I'm kind of glad since a 10 minute presentation was overkill. I shot this and Black Sunshine's DVD promo in the same go. And upvote the video please, Dave Luce and "The Fangless Vampire" are still all mad at me.

My website is updated with some slight design changes and a few new sketches, corrections, etc. The biggest change is that the site has been "monetized" with Google ads and Amazon widgets. I know, I'm kinda selling out, but I am a starving artist. The movie-related pages mainly have Amazon widgets with mainly DVDs and a few books, all of which have some relation to the topic at hand. If you see anything you want to purchase, try to do it through my website since I get a small cut of every sale made via the widgets. Thanks!

And Happy New Year from Gen-Y Films and yours truly. May 2011 hold gifts and discoveries for all of us. 2010 was a very challenging, frustrating year. I remember last year I expected to see some serious payoff, unfortunately some of that was not to be. Black Sunshine: Conversations with T.F. Mou was much harder to complete than I thought, Alison had to be post-poned and Black Sunshine cannot be officially released and sadly T.F. Mou does not have the power of attorney I thought he did with getting clearance for the film footage of his Shaw Brothers films. Also tough was the recording of the narration track and despite Deirdre Yee's best efforts I'm going to scrap the next one too as its sound quality is a little too rough per the recommendation of Ted Newsom (Hammer Heritage of Horror, Ed Wood: Look Back in Angora). Sadly my anxiety, depression and severe allergies did not let up either and I felt quite alienated some of the time. The word passion is rooted in the sufferings of Christ. People often feel envy for passionate people, but passion truly is a blessing and curse in equal parts and is comprised of beauty and joy but also pain and suffering, as beautifully illustrated in Cantopop supergroup Beyond's Under a Vast Sky.

But perhaps I expected too much or for some of what I desired it just wasn't the right time. I think I was somewhat naive to think I could make and finish Alison in Wonderland and Black Sunshine in the same year, especially as a one man operation. I was blessed with many things this year. T.F. Mou and his wife loved my movie and Ted Newsom, whose films I used to watch as a kid was quite impressed as well, which meant a lot. I also have a few movie sales companies look interested in Black Sunshine. I was quite productive in the last year. I finished my first feature and drew a lot as well. I suppose all my struggles definitely matured me consderably. My expectations are less specific I guess with this year. I want to learn to enjoy life more. Alison in Wonderland will be made, I have a few backup options in case the online route doesn't work out. I am not as much closer to my dream as I had hoped a year ago after I got back from Myrtle Beach, but I am not any further from it either. In fact, even though some of the setbacks took me back a few steps, I'm probably still a step or two ahead. And never will I abandon my dream.

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