Saturday, January 30, 2010

Unfortunately, the fifth and final Evening with J.L. Carrozza has proved to be more complex element wise than I predicted and its additional length (11 minutes instead of the other four entries 10) has made me decide that I need more time to finish it.

So you'll be getting it on Tuesday instead of Sunday. The video is almost cutsville, but the sound work hasn't been done yet.

The videos were fun to put together and I hope you enjoyed them as much as I did making them. It wasn't always easy to look at my past for the first time so earnestly. The 3rd and 4th ones seem to be kind of controversial and ironically those were the two I had the most trouble diving into.
The Alison in Wonderand teaser poster is pretty much done. I shot it with my Uncle John and put a lot of effort into its "look", even dragging a red food coloring soiled tablecloth for a half mile across Mass Ave.

After all this is done, I'm getting back to finishing Conversations with T.F. Mou. That should breeze through now with a quicker system in my hands.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Part four of An Evening with J.L. Carrozza is here!

Here things take a more earnest turn and I speak of parts of my life that were not entirely pleasant, including my uninspiring, substance abuse fueled days at a crappy corporate art college, the YouTube fare I made that I'm not entirely proud of, the fetal and furry madness of Unborn and The Magic Forest, how the first incarnation of Alice in Wonderland fell apart, my first meeting with T.F. Mou and my decision after the failure of two big projects and dropping out of school to go back to the Alice project after all.

This one fell very behind the schedule and is out nearly a day late mostly because I had to set my new machine up. The 4th part of Evening was the first thing I cut on the system so some of the fonts are a little different but I kept the style as consistent as I could. It works beautifully and should churn out T.F. Mou nicely. The only big complaint I have is that Windows 7 doesn't have Vista's wonderful version of Movie Maker which I use a lot for codec conversion.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

The newest installment of An Evening With J.L. Carrozza.

Our subject now is Dream House, a project that has proved to be as educational as it was troublesome. Included is talk on how success can hurt the filmmaker by building up his ego, the influences on Dream House that came equal parts from both the East (Nobuo Nakagawa's Tokaido Yotsuya Kaidan and the Yuki Onna segment in Masaki Kobyashi's Kwaidan) and the West (Euro cult horror films by directors like Mario Bava, Dario Argento and Ruggero Deodato). Also detailed is the taxing shooting of the film, the slightly more political themes and my disdain for the "head in the sand" social status quo in America and the disappointment in its initial completion.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Part two of five of An Evening with J.L. Carrozza.

Here we discuss the mechanics of Little Red Riding Hood, from the influences that were as varied as Peter Jackson, Run Run Shaw, Quentin Tarantino and Stanley Kubrick to its fun and serendipitous shoot to the Passion of Reverend Davithalamuel A. Luce to my deeply held belief in the mythological principal of the art of cinema and how Little Red Riding Hood was a start down that road.

Sunday, January 03, 2010

The first part of my ongoing five part YouTube vlog/interview/promotional video. There will be a new one posted every week (Sunday) for the next month.

Here I mostly talk about how it all began: the influence of Godzilla on me as a child and how I was spurned to pick up a video camera and then the agonies, ecstasies and trials of confiscated cameras, puppet porn and big toes that led me to Little Red Riding Hood.