Sunday, November 21, 2010

First, a new website update. Nothing much, just some new sketches including some Alison in Wonderland design work and some more current information on Black Sunshine and Alison and such.

For some news that will perhaps bring relief to some and regret to others, 'Would You Like to Take a Survey?' has been canceled for now. I have realized that making it will make Alison's production more difficult, not easier and would much rather just cut to the chase and make Alison. Black Sunshine was planned as a side project to occupy me until Alison got off the ground and became a monstrous behemoth that actually ended up likely postponing Alison. Last thing I want is another side project stepchild sidestepping the filming of my beloved birth child. I still, however, am proud of the script and may make it afterward.

Alison in Wonderland will soon have a Kickstarter page! I am setting it up right now and will launch it around Thanksgiving.

I have built another piked head for the Queen's throne room, will be making those around monthly. I also will begin construction of the Castle of Hearts miniature early this year. More pictures from Gen-Y Films' macabre workshop:
I started with a premade and purchased severed head prop and began by drilling a nice big hole in its base to fit the pike through.
I then cut lacerations in the head with an exact-o knife, these will be filled in with papier-mache and then painted and textured to look like gaping, pustule rotting wounds. The head after drilling and laceration but before it gets the "lived-in" effect.
Starting a brand new pike. All the pikes and heads will be a little different for more realism. Again I used two dowels fastened together and covered with papier-mache but these were a little longer and thinner. I didn't bother sharpening it this time as I put the head atop the pike instead of impaled through it.
The head lays out to dry after filling the holes I cut with papier-mache.
The new pike lays out to dry as well. It's a better made, more state of the art one I think, I did the papier-mache entirely with brown paper bag which works well to simulate the look of wood. After it dried, I painted it with brown acrylic paint.
Guzzling German beer as I paint the head for a look like the skin is just starting to rot away, exposing the flesh underneath.The partially completed head now attached to the fully painted pike. I uses some of the leftover paint from the pike to dirty up, mottle and age the skin to simulate the discoloration of decay.
The second head up against the first. It's a few inches taller.

The head and its final component, a wig for more realism and character. That's a jar of Vaseline I used to get the wig realistically grungy and greasy like in real life.
Cutting and modifying the wig to make it fit the head better and more realistically.
Wig now fitted, grunged-up and molded a little thanks to the stickiness of the Vaseline. I also used some dirt to make the hair look more realistically worn. Now putting a layer of papier mache on the base of the head which will be painted so it will look like the flesh is rotting and sticking to the pike a bit.
The new head lays down to dry all finished and painted the next day. The poor, pathetic serf died a horrible death at the hands of the Red Queen and her freakish servants indeed.
The old head and the new, I'm equally happy with them both.
The new head stands completed. I am pleased with its realism.A longer shot of the new head to put its size into perspective.
A wide shot of both heads in my living/editing room for even more size perspective as I relish the Argento cut of Dawn of the Dead!

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