Sunday, October 17, 2010

A few more Black Sunshine clips. Also building an amusing Jack-o-lantern in time for Halloween and one of the first props for Alison in Wonderland, a half rotted piked head for the Red Queen's throne room. I am making the Mad Hatter's hat as well as some rotting bones for the Hatter's house. Pictures soon.

So far the Hatter's jacket (purple as an homage to the Joker and all dog eaged and stained like that of Heath's Joker, a huge influence on my vision of the Hatter), some whips (including Mr. Punishment from Little Red Riding Hood) and some fake pearls for the Red Queen's wardrobe have been stockpiled. Red and the Wolf's katanas will also go in the Hatter's house. I am also designing the cover of Black Sunshine's DVD, the backcover features the motif of the Japanese flag splashed with blood just like at the end of Man Behind the Sun.

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