Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I shot the stuff for Kevin MacDonald's Life in a Day contest Saturday. In grande Jules fashion, I wound up with two hours of raw footage, though about half of that was footage of me sketching the start of T.F. Mou's "illustration gift" which I put in time lapse, so I ended up submitting a little under an hour of stuff to the contest. I wonder what the record for amount of footage sent by a single user will be. I figure the more footage I send them the more either a. they'll see me as a complete obnoxiously self indulgent pest or b. they more likely they are to to at least use something of mine.

I am making my own edit of the footage which I will be putting on YouTube in the next couple weeks. I think you will all like it since it provides a very intimate portrait of how my mind works, how I live and my creative drive.

In other news, the end of Black Sunshine: Conversations with T.F. Mou gets nearer. With all likelyhood, I will literally be working on the film almost to the week of the premiere. I am exhausted, frustrated, drained, depressed but accomplished and proud in that I was able to pull through this mammoth project. I am taking at least a month off from all movie making to lounge around, watch cult movies and eat things as I de-stress.

Last but not least, I am considering, though less strongly than at first since my little mental vacation may do wonders, putting Alison in Wonderland on the backburner once more. I am disappointed to this day I never got to make Divine Comedy, an old, Biblical-themed martial arts film idea, as Little Red Riding Hood's follow-up so am considering making that film instead as my next movie at an around 35-50 minute length. But I may very well end up sticking to Alison as next summer's movie once my energy returns.

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