Monday, June 21, 2010

Some updates:

Sorry, it may be another week or two until you see the rest of my "Top 21 Films of the 2000s" list. Been working too hard on T.F. Mou, moving to a new apartment and got some writer's block. This is why I quit film criticism. It's been tough lately, been feeling a little depressed and like I may not succeed and will always be an outcast from the world, but I hope these feelings are merely transient.

I have decided to retitle Conversations with T.F. Mou to Black Sunshine: Conversations with T.F. Mou. It's a bit of a catchier title and is a nice reference to Mou's Black Sun films. I also am probably going to be similarly retitling The Witch's Castle for that planned new draft I still haven't gotten to.

The Men Behind the Sun stuff is pretty much all cut and pasted save for the segment on Godfrey Ho's ripoff sequels. The current runtime of what I've got is just over 70 minutes, but I'm gonna tighten it up a little. I also want to rerecord/redub/reloop Deirdre's narration since it was rushed, my fault entirely since I was impatient about having it done. I think we can do it better.

I uploaded some of the archive materials I used to my Facebook page. Friend me if you haven't already and check it out. I'm going to make a special edition DVD of the workprint regardless of the copyright issues. They're *probably* not gonna catch me or care since it's a small potatoes thing.

Made one of the first props for Alison in Wonderland the other day, a cat o' nine tails that will hang in the Mad Hatter's sicko house. Working on a new, slightly revised draft with the dialogue cleaned up just a bit. An element I added to the previous drafts was that Molly, Alison's friend, is in a band called Moonlight Legend (a Sailor Moon nod, she's kind of an anime fan). I didn't feeling very enthusiastic about shooting the band scenes and having someone write music for them. They were a time and energy waster, were distracting and their payoff was not enough, in other words. So I removed all that stuff, but I also added a new scene inspired by a real rant my idiotic stepdad once spewed at me where Alison's father lectures her on feeling depressed over her boyfriend when there are survivors of the Rwandan Genocide with hooks for hands.

Also, some Peter Jackson-related puerility I threw together. Apologies to the entire human race as well as all young ladies out there in advance:

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