Friday, May 14, 2010

Okay, I caved! After a friendly, reconnecting e-mail or two with Neil, I decided to throw my short films back up on the internet in their entirety. Here's Little Red Riding Hood, Dream House will be posted next week.

Two Short Films hasn't sold that well and was kind of a disappointing endeavor but it got me to Myrtle Beach and inspired me to work even harder on future movies. I think selling DVDs of homemade films online is sort of 2001 anyways, but the main mistake I made was that everybody had already seen them and while most people like them, they don't like them enough to want to buy them to see them again nor does the difference in quality between the cuts matter to my viewers as much as I thought. Since they're not selling anyways who cares now? Nonetheless, I am going to make an updated pressing of the disc with menus and a new special feature or two available soon and encourage anyone who likes these films to buy them and support me. They'll be more interest in these when Conversations with T.F. Mou and especially Alison hits. Supporting the artists of the stuff you like is very important.

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