Tuesday, May 18, 2010

New website update with some new drawings and most notably with its Conversations with T.F. Mou page updated and expanded as the film's workprint nears completion. I may even start putting clips up in a few weeks (probably gonna put two clips from the film up every week for about 6-10 clips in total).

I was thinking a little and what's funny about Conversations with T.F. Mou is that it is oddly descended from a couple of scrapped projects of mine. Some of you may remember Gen-Y (my film company's initial name sake, actually), a twisted animated short I wanted to make about a bitter old bus driver in Hiroshima who tells the obnoxious, shallow schoolgirls he drives to school everyday the horror he experienced during the war and reminds them how lucky they are to live in such a safe, war-free and sheltered environment, a reminder that falls upon deaf ears, leading to the old man's suicide. That project came closest to being realized around the time I was doing Little Red Riding Hood (even had a friend, Kevin Schreck, on board to animate it for me), but was lost in the shuffle of the following few years, but making a darker war-themed movie about the alley of human tragedy stayed in my mind, I guess.

I also wanted to get into more serious documentary-making and do a film about China and how its economic growth is destroying the environment but I decided that it would be "way too hard to do". It's like the two projects oddly fused together in the ethereal soup of manifestation and was colored by my obsession with Hong Kong movies and curiosity about T.F. Mou around that same time. Interesting.

Dream House will be live in its whole Friday.

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