Thursday, May 20, 2010

My blasphemous, fatwa-inducing contribution to Everybody Draw Mohammad Day.

I dislike all organized religions, all are superstitions designed to enslave at worst and provide a sense of comfort to the human mind at best, but Islam is, okay, at the bottom of my favorites list. Islam isn't that bad inherently though, it's not any worse than Judaism, the problem with it is that the extremists have too much power. It's where Christianity would be if the Westboro Baptist Church was as powerful as the Vatican. My problems with Islam are because I love freedom, not because I hate Muslims.

There are a lot of good Muslims who are just being mislead by evil leaders, but powerful or not, these people cannot tell us in America and the West what we can and cannot do. It sucks enough that you can't depict Mohammad in Saudi Arabia or Iran or Derkaderkastan, but those countries are ruled by extremists, in America and Europe we have freedom of speech and the press and that.

I'm not even a big fan of South Park anymore, Parker and Stone started to lose me when they got more conservative, got more and more endorsing of the political hedonism that is libertarianism and supported the Bush Administration, but for godsakes, they should be allowed to depict Mohammad in which way they desire because we are a secular country. If you Islamics want to throw a Looney Toons stick of dynamite in my apartment, I'm not too hard to find. I wish someone would be brave enough to make a Mohammad porn flick.

I've thought about making a short mocking Islam called 72 Virgins where a bunch of terrorists sit around a camp fire in a desert eating hummus, pita and falafel and speculating about what the 72 virgins must be like. Are they all of different races? Or are they all Arab girls? Are they children or young women of varying ages? Finally, one of them can't take it anymore and blows up a train station in America to "get them". He goes to Islamic Heaven, but shreiks in disappointment as Mohammad presents him with 72 olives (some say the virgins thing is a mistranslation since olives were very cherished in Arabia in those days). I don't think I'm gonna make it, though.

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