Saturday, May 22, 2010

Dream House
is up. Last upload until I put the clips from the Mou workprint up, starting in mid-June. One problem I've always had with YouTube, by the way, is that you can't choose your video's thumbnail from any part of the video you want (partners probably can), you can only choose it from the three thumbnails they choose for you. You should be able to grab any frame you want from the whole video, I want a lurid and appropriate image to represent Dream House because that's what gets people's attention, but sometimes the images are "boring" and the views of the video always suffer because of that.

With the end of Conversations with T.F. Mou's edit more "in sight", I'm starting to think about Alison in Wonderland again. Honestly, I'm probably not gonna rely on investors as much as I thought. I figured out that the film could be made for much cheaper, around $15 grand instead of $50. There are some Canon DSLR still cameras that shoot HD video that produce stunning results almost akin to that of the Red. I'm strongly considering using one of those and alternating with HDV and DV cameras depending on the shot's needs. I'm gonna start building the props and models for Alison for next May once I'm done editing T.F. Mou's work print. I'm really thinking ahead here and I think if I want it to happen I have to haul some ass myself and not wait around as much.

I'm gonna put the finishing funds for T.F. Mou up on Kickstarter, a great new site that helps artists fund their work through no-strings attached donations. Will also throw Alison up once all this is over with.


Andrew said...

Hey Jules

Let us know when that kickster account gets set up, I'd be all too happy to provide completion fees to Conversations with TF Mou.

J.L. Carrozza said...

That will up once two things are done, the workprint needs to be completed and I need to contact a few more of the copyright holders to "tally up the bill".