Thursday, April 01, 2010

This video, unfortunately for you PC-lovers out there, is comedic genius. It's funny enough seeing children perform scenes from Scarface. This video is, by the way, a complete hoax. It was directed by the guy who did some of Lady Gaga's stuff and was intended, most likely, to get this kind of response from people and make parents mad.

The truth is, though I have yet to be a parent and thus am in no position to give real advice, I have a strong feeling that parents in America over-pamper and shelter their children these days something terrible. This attitude is even evident in kids' entertainment today. It's utterly soulless and devoid of anything that even remotely stimulates a child's imagination or challenges their minds, the days of slapstick dynamitings in Looney Toons and people getting shot bloodlessly 30 times an episode in Johnny Sokko are over. Parents have a weird obsession with keeping their children in some kind of Edenic state instead of preparing their children for the rigors of living in the real world. It seems like it only makes kids worse. It turns young men into hedonistic beasts and Wannabe Ghetto Black Kids Who Actually White and girls into naive, shallow fops who get pregnant at 16. Why else do teen pregnancies and STDs run the most rampant in the Deep South and Midwest, where most people are conservative Christians and fathers have a pedophilic obsession with keeping their daughters "chaste"?

While of course performing a real school play of Scarface is wrong, seems like something out of South Park (they'll probably reference it in their next episode) and is above all stupid (who wants to cause that kind of trouble, parents are nuts over their kids), it's response also illustrates my point wonderfully. Maybe it's not so bad for a kid to understand that the world can be an ugly place? Maybe instead of shielding their faces from five minutes of Scarface on TV, we should teach them to be better people. I've known so many people, myself included, who have just freaked once they've found out what the world's really like and what their parents were hiding from them.

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Definitely LOL on that video!

VERY cool illustrations btw.

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