Friday, April 09, 2010

Met with T.F. Mou again yesterday. He was in Boston again, we hung out in the Liberty Hotel, which was ironically once a jail. We toasted the film and discussed things. Gave him copies of the first 40 minutes of the movie and the script for Alison in Wonderland. Interestingly enough, he really liked that drawing above of his frostbitten niece.

Two new updates regarding the film: the bad news is that I ended up having to get clearance from Celestial Pictures and their prices are not cheap. Since I'm already in this pickle, I'm gonna ask the U.S. copyright holder of Men Behind the Sun for permission (and price if they insist on it) and there's some prospects with the Taiwan Film Archive that has copies of Mou's early films. What I'm gonna do is finish the film anyways (June is still a fair definite) and just look for funding for clearing the footage. This MAY put a damper on plans for the DVD is all I'm saying. An August release could well still happen, but it could be a year before you'll be able to see and purchase the film, though I may well still throw up the YouTube clips and send it to some reviewers since nobody really cares about that.

The good news is that Mou is gonna be back here in August and wants to be a part of the premiere. That is damn exciting I must say.

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