Saturday, April 24, 2010

A little website update, some new drawings I've done over the last few weeks have been added to the Gallery, a lot of Horror Colony stuff in particular.

I found these videos of a Court TV segment on the Shanda Sharer case on YouTube and they have some well done recreations. I think the whole thing's done quite well, tells the story of what really happened nicely and manages to handle it delicately enough so to not shock its TV audience. It's especially interesting to me though because honestly the recreations look nothing like how I see it. It's all a little too "light" and clean looking and the girls look too pretty and docile and not nearly "feral" enough. They look like they couldn't kill a mouse, let alone a child. What I see of The Witch's Castle in my head is so much more gritty, gloomy and "Earthy".

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