Monday, April 19, 2010

Back from New York. It was a fun and refreshing change of pace. The manic quality of that city oddly calmed me.

For some nice news I'm sure you'll all be fascinated to hear, before I left I got an e-mail from none other than T.F. Mou's wife. She and T.F. loved what they've seen of Conversations with T.F. Mou thus far (the first 35-40 minutes) and give it their approval.

The Tim Burton exhibit was a lot of fun, though not as much as it would have been since it was literally mobbed wall to wall with tourists. It was a wonderful display of creativity and makes Alice seem even more depressingly insipid. I miss the bygone Pee Wee to Mars Attacks Burton. I wish he would start making films again and not Tim Burton films. I wanted to stay and watch his short films like Luau and Hansel and Gretal but it was just too mobbed. Hopefully they'll release that stuff and make it all public after the exhibit closes in a week or so. I think you get bootlegs of Luau pretty easily.

I went up to the Empire State Building. It was more like a Disney World ride than a real place and I was one of the few English speakers atop that tower.

I'm gonna go scan some new drawings for a new website update!

Also, I'm considering (and already taking some notes in case I decided to go for it) an expanded, closer to feature length version of Dream House. I've been considering this for a while, doing a better, longer version with a much more subtle, intricate plot. but I've always held back such plans because I've never wanted to spend any more time on that story as a filmmaker and wanted to devote all my time to new stuff like Alison, Witch's Castle, etc. My solution to this problem is that I merely write the script for it and someone else directs (maybe I'd helm a scene or two secretly) which is a nice kind of having of the cake and eating of it too, since I want to expand and redo that world but don't totally want to do it myself and have other, much more worthy endeavors in process and on the horizon. What do you, the audience, think? I was very pleased to see the honest input for the T.F. Mou DVD, by the way.


Anonymous said...

Beyond awesome that Mous loved it. So happy to see that you're really going for it!

I've only seen the version of DREAM HOUSE from way back when you used to have up, but I'd like to see an expanded, higher production valued version of it though I agree you have far more worthy new projects you should be devoting your time to and should have somebody else make it.

Ethan2Reed said...

I'm amazed the "No don't do it" got an 80%. I'm one of the few who voted YES, because a filmmaker has the right to work on his films more than once, until they meet his espectations.

J.L. Carrozza said...

Yeah, it's kind of odd since I don't even plan to direct it (save for maybe one sequence), just write the script. I have made a fair amount of enemies, sadly and unintentionally.

Ultimately its my decision, I was just gauging. I'm giving this one some time and will probably decide once T.F. MOU is done.