Sunday, March 28, 2010

A few quickies:

Been hammering Conversations with T.F. Mou out, it is coming out great. Better than any version of Little Red Riding Hood and Dream House added together and multiplied some fold, if I may be so bold. As of right now it will be delivered on schedule. It will be finished in mid June with screeners going out to interested reviewers and some scenes going online, premiered and aired on a public access station or two in July and on DVD on August 15. I'm currently negotiating with Celestial Pictures over their Shaw Brothers library footage I'm using.

The special features are fairly certain in my mind. They will include:
-A video introduction by me
-The "art-brute" 2008 version
-Deleted scenes and unused interview clips
-My early documentary film Aquatic Observations (2003, actually will be the first two films edited into one).
-A very cool special feature called the T.F. Mou Archives. Basically all the rare materials I have related to Mou's films, from Shaw Brothers lobby cards to behind the scenes photos of Men Behind the Sun will be compiled into a DVD menu gallery with detailed descriptions and the like.

I'd love to put Chinese and Japanese subtitle tracks for interested friends in Asia on the disc but that would take way too much time most likely. I may save it for a future pressing.

The Conversations with T.F. Mou disc will be more expensive than Two Short Films, probably around $15 or 16 US. It will be on a dual layer disc and those cost more and it's been way, way tougher to produce. Buying both that disc and the (soon to be slightly revised) Two Short Films DVD will get you a discount, mothafucka.

I'm actually probably gonna see Mou in a few weeks. Making him a drawing of some of his grandest imagery rendered "Kojiro Abe"-style. Will scan it for you all before I give it to him.

Making Alison in Wonderland will probably be post-poned till May of 2011. I thought it over and I can't do pre-production and prepare Alison for its rigorous shooting and do post-production and make the DVD for T.F. Mou at the same time. One active project at a time is all any one person can manage, I've found out via the harde way. Conversations with T.F. Mou was planned to be a side project that would take a few months to complete, it ended up being a massive, year long odyssey. It's better anyways since I felt like I was rushing Alison too much. For it to be as good as I want it needs lots of time to creatively gestate and come together.

I'm thinking about and plotting a new draft of The Witch's Castle. The Shanda Sharer character needs way more of an involvement in the plot aside from the murder scenes. In the current draft she just kind of gets swept into the Melinda Loveless figure's fucked up world. I think her world needs to be made with a stronger narrative foundation. Also, I'm changing some things, toning the violence down yet more so and combining the figures of Hope Rippey and Toni Lawrence into one person.

Also, my updated website will be live in around a week's time complete with the new art section. It's been taking a while since I've been scanning and compressing loads of my drawings in my spare time when not editing. I was just on my really old computer getting old drawings from the olde days.

PS: Someone told me China's banned my site from their internet. I must be doing something right.