Sunday, February 28, 2010

New website update! Clickie to your right. Mostly just some updates and things to the film descriptions.

I am going to be returning something to my website which hasn't been seen since the quaint days of old school "Kojiro Abe": an online art gallery. I got spooked years ago when everybody was all like "your art sucks and how dare you even post such crap" but wish I hadn't listened and had kept up with it more.

Doing all that Alison visualization really got me going again and I've been doodling like crazy lately and am finding the practice extremely therapeutic as it's a great way for me to melt off the stress of everyday existence so they'll be a lot of things to throw in there.


Crocodile said...

I look forward to the sketch gallery. When do you think it will go live? Hope all is moving ahead smoothly on Alison.

J.L. Carrozza said...


It will be a few weeks I think. I've been busy editing T.F. MOU and budgeting ALISON.