Thursday, February 04, 2010

Making a Teaser Poster
The faceless down-raters have descended upon my final video for reasons unknown (probably just a juvenile desire for revenge over a few bruised egos). Perhaps, however, my own ego is to this day still a little bruised itself over some past grievances which lead me to reveal more than I should over some personal matters which kind of caused this pickle, but either way, I am pleased to fully unveil the Alison in Wonderland teaser poster as well as document its creation.
I personally am pleased with its look. My uncle John was kind enough to provide the location, camera and model for me (uncredited). I think it nicely draws you into the surreal and grotesque fantasy world I'm envisioning. Like the pills that Alice takes to make her larger and small, heh. The tagline is based on a lyric from a song called Reality by Richard Sanderson. That song was used the French La Buom movies. They're basically the Eurotrash equivalent to the John Hughes films of the same time, in fact, not only does is La Buom a lot like Sixteen Candles, actress Sophie Marceau is even a dead ringer for Molly Ringwald. John Hughes probably saw it and conceptually pilfered it thusly. I would like to actually use Reality in Alison if the rights to it don't cost one appendage and the soul of your firstborn.

The Hatter is a character, which, as I said in the video I have envisioned like a mix between Heath Ledger's Joker, Willy Wonka and a few nameless people I actually know. He's a deranged low level psychopath who lives in a shack in a forest like The Wolf, but he's more into rape and torture than cannibalism and pedophilia. Like a true psychopath, he will fuck anything that moves if there's power in it, male or female, young and old alike. He has a back story connecting him romantically with the Red Queen that I probably won't unveil until its all done, but his ass is banished for a reason.

Here are some of the shoot's items as we shot them. Hatter's very feral, grungy and dirty which reflects his hermetic bottom dwelling lifestyle nicely and like the Wolf he's a serial rapist/killer whose been through loads of victims. I went to a great effort to create this look, from rubbing food on most of the items, rubbing the purple jacket (which I originally bought for a Joker costume last Halloween but love so much I'm gonna use it in the film) in lint and dust and staining the yellow tablecloth with red food coloring and dragging for a half mile down Mass Ave in Cambridge. I probably had a police report filed about me, but normal people just don't get *it* and as long as they don't throw your butt in jail, who cares? I was planning on using a checkerboard tablecloth for the actual film, but yellow looks so nice and so "Hattery" that I think I might go with yellow after all.
Here's an outtake that I like almost as much, I didn't chose it because it just doesn't "jump" out as much as the other one, but it nicely shows off the bloodstained gloves.

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