Thursday, December 31, 2009

A New Years Salute
Happy New Year to fans, readers and compatriots. As we welcome 2010 and close the book on both the year and decade, let's reflect on both.

2009, for me, was quite the year. It was probably the most productive year of my life, in the midst of 2009, I:
-Recut Little Red Riding Hood and Dream House and finally made good on the promise of making a DVD.
-Permanently escaped from the basement of my childhood house.
-Tracked down T.F. Mou, the director of Men Behind the Sun, again. Got to hang with and interview him for much longer. Found out such cool tidbits of information such as that Men was made for $200 grand, the frostbite victim was his niece and at one point an old Chinese lady flipped when she saw the Japanese flag at the old 731 site where the film was actually shot and screamed "I knew they'd be back but I didn't think it would be THIS SOON!".
-Started work on Conversations with T.F. Mou, a feature documentary.
-Was invited to the Myrtle Beach International Film Fest and screened Little Red Riding Hood there. While at the fest, I secured the oppurtunity to make Alison in Wonderland.

None of this was easy. I had to work really, really hard to do all this and pretty much did all this as a one man show, only enlisting help when I absolutely needed. I struggled uphill through loads of depression and frustration. I saw a lot of things fall apart. 2010 will be an even more productive year but I think it'll be one that I'll live with more ease. I spent the entire last year hauling ass, being patient and setting up circumstances that will see their payoff this year.

The DVD for Conversations with T.F. Mou will be released on August 15th, 2010, yes, the 65th anniversary of Japan's surrender to the Allied Forces. Yes, it's kind of a sick joke and I've always loved gimmicky release dates. I thought it was going to be done by Halloween of 2009, initially, how wrong I was proven, heh. The special features will be forthcoming, most likely including deleted scenes, an introduction by me, the old 2008 short and the Aquatic Observations films. And, as I keep saying, a new pressing of Two Short Films will be put out that day too with menus and an Easter egg. Probably gonna get them manufactured professionally since I don't think I'll have time by then to burn and ship DVDs if there's more exposure and orders and such.

It's funny that the 2000s is over now too. Not an entirely pleasant decade for even most fortunate, I think. I'll remember the Culture of Fear, the amped up to the max consumerist hedonism that would make Karl Marx hysterically scream, the economic mess, the Bush Administration and everything else as long as I lived. 9/11, Nick Berg, Abu Graib, etc, those images will never leave my head. Honestly, though, as a student of history and left wing activist I feel like this was all bound to happen anyways. It just happened sooner than we thought. The 90s under Clinton was a more fun and fruitful decade, but that's because it was just the decade of collectively sticking our heads under the sand and pretending that nothing's wrong since it's not effecting us. I hope the world is headed for better times now, but we can't get there unless we first look at ourselves and perhaps enough people suffered hardships and misery this decade that we'll be more compelled to do so. Another 10 years of staying out of trouble and keeping the status quo would have meant a longer haul of badness, I think.

For me, personally, it was also a tough decade, full of depression, familial issues and conflict. But in my case, suffering forced me to look at myself. When it began, I was 13 and still a complete and utter child frustrated with how he was treated in the world. I'm now 23, a man and still somewhat frustrated at the former at times, but at least now I am smarter for it and know the good eggs from the bad. I matured immensely and honed my craft.

For more immediate and sexy news, as I break from Conversations with T.F. Mou in anticipation of my new computer, I'm cutting together a series of videos I made for YouTube. It's a mix between a vlog, a documentary interview and a promotional tape. It's sort of a late Christmas gift, you could say. Included will be:
-Details on how I got started as a filmmaker with lots of never before seen clips of my really early films such as the surreally fucked up Plastic Man: Face of Evil made in 2000.
-The "lost puppet blowjob scene" from Agony and the Ecstasy of the Puppets. Think of it like the spider pit scene in the original King Kong, but with more puppet fellatio and ejaculations.
-Very detailed dissections of Little Red Riding Hood and Dream House.
-Mucho information on Conversations with T.F. Mou, including a bit of footage of what I've got so far.
-Significant info on Alison in Wonderland, with many a concept sketch to show you what everything will look like and the poster unvieled.

So Happy New Years to all!

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