Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Work proceeds smashingly on Conversations with T.F. Mou, have recut the opening montage completely and am working on the early interview segments once more. Much happier with it than the first pre-hard drive failure version. The narration (most likely with Deirdre) will probably be recorded soon, which is good, I was going to do the rough cut with my own voice but I'll probably just get to cut the narration right into the film, which means less work.

Our gift this week is an incredibly rare photo from Mou's very first film, I Didn't Dare Tell You, made in Taiwan in 1969. It's a black and white work about a father and son living in impoverished Taipei that shows a very strong Vittorio DeSica influence. It still exists in print form I believe, so a DVD release is possible, if not terribly likely due to the film's obscure status (it isn't even on IMDb, which for years credited Mou's first work as being A Deadly Secret).

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