Sunday, October 18, 2009

I seem to have almost forgotten to post this.

Agony and the Ecstasy of the Puppets is a hilarious early film of mine. I never completed it because I felt kind of bad about it, but now I think it's hysterically funny and wish I had. I just didn't have the discipline, naturally, at 15 that I had now to finish a movie like this. I feel much more sorry about The Magic Forest which had more anger and less humor in it and tries too hard to shock though the Dave Luce clown stuff I have pride in. I posted the above to YouTube mostly as an experiment in shock value and how that can garner hits. My YouTube channel, though it's content is far superior, is still far below it's former glory in viewership. Perhaps I should be happy because a. despite what the internet has taught people, life is not a popularity contest and is not judged by your video's YouTube views and b. if an audience stops viewing my channel because I won't give the new cuts away in their entirety, these viewers are not the audience I need, deserve or otherwise.

Interestingly, some elements from Agony and the Ecstasy of the Puppets became "cinememes" of mine that were later recycled in future films even if the film itself was never completed and released. The film was basically to be a puppet version of the Sada Abe story, like if Peter Jackson in full Meet the Feebles mode directed In the Realm of the Senses. The film was to climax (no pun intended) with the main puppet character (played by that old man monkey that Ryan Murphy would depressingly run into the ground years later in at least two dozen of his videos) having his penis severed and screaming/dying as ketchup gushes from his groin. The penis was to then be thrown out the window of a car ala Lorena Bobbitt and then eaten by a stray dog. I kept the sick idea of a castrated member being eaten by animals in my mind and put it into the climax of Little Red Riding Hood for the Wolf's punishment. The Wolf didn't die, by the way, I've finally decided. He was left alive but minus his arm and penis, which will make masturbation and child molestation a little tough for him from here henceforth. I have contemplated a sequel where he returns for revenge with a rebuilt Tetsuo-style machine dick, but I can't think of a strong enough story around that, it's beating a dead horse and Dave and I aren't speaking to each and there's no Wolf without Dave.

Another idea from Agony and the Ecstasy of the Puppets that I later used more legitimately is the sequence in the new cut of Dream House where The Beast is masturbating outside as the Thomsons have sex. I wanted to do that scene in the original shoot but I wanted Dave to be physically seen and he was unavailable that day and Ryan advised me not to go so far. But I remembered it when recutting the film and redid that scene with that motif instead of sort of half spoofing a bad softcore porno to make it disturbing instead of corny. The visual motif of semen splashing on something is taken from Agony and the Ecstasy of the Puppets, there was a (mostly unfilmed) scene I had in mind where Wheezy, the old man monkey puppet, watches a porno on TV while his hooker girlfriend (the same puppet later used as Miranda the Monkey in The Magic Forest) is out and about. His semen was to hit the TV screen in the same way.

Then, there's a fully filmed scene in Puppets where Wheezy goes to see "The Wizard" for help just like Barry in Magic Forest. And the whorehouse was pimped by a clown behind the scenes, something I had forgotten about until just now. How weird is that? It's like these weird, fetishistic "cinememes" like to stay in my subconscious and end up in my movies just through near-manifestation. In all of the above examples, I wasn't really thinking "How can I put a homage to Agony and the Ecstasy of the Puppets in here?", I just thought of it more coincidentally almost.

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Ethan2Reed said...

Puppet porn! Also, on the subject of strange films, do you know of a book called "Mondo Macabro"? It's an amusing read for those of us who like this cinema.