Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Well, as of today I've begun recompiling the film's materials, right now I'm recapturing all the footage.

The hard drive is completely deadsville. I haven't even gotten it back yet.

Should be a few weeks until it's back to where it was. Luckily I have the first eight minutes on my laptop's native hard drive to sort of "reconstruct" from.

I have also gotten a membership at the Boston Public Library. Been scouring their materials, books and archives for useable T.F. Mou stuff. Gotten some Nanking material and scathing reviews of Lost Souls and Men Behind the Sun from Variety. Both reviews, though by different reviewers, accuse the films of the exact same thing: using historical tragedy as an excuse for exploitation. For your weekly gift, nothing last week as I was very busy, here comes a tid bit of a reprinted article written in the 1970s from Jay Leyda's Dianying about Mou's early work in Taiwan. The whole thing will be in the film.

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