Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Some awful news and some better news for this week's update.

The awful news is that the hard drive which I was editing Conversations with T.F. Mou on and also contained all the materials for my Two Shorts Films DVD project is gonzo. Yes, it just died almost spontaneously. The last three weeks of work on the cut, along with a great many things are now gone if I can't get it all retrieved today.

The better news is that, in the long winded scheme of things this changes little to nothing. All the materials are on other computers and/or physical form and just need to be recompiled. The interview's still on tape, the DVDs can all be reconverted and the picture materials were saved on my other computer as well, etc. So I'll just have to start again. Thankfully, as well, I transferred all of my stuff for the Two Short Films to my desktop to be encoded to MPEG-2 form, so that's all still intact.

Honestly, I was going to postpone the film anyways as it was taking longer than I thought it would, but Conversations with T.F. Mou will not be hitting DVD until March of 2010 instead. There will still be a second pressing of Two Short Films by J.L. Carrozza by Christmas, however. I'm going to do a slight redesign of the cover, add a few special features (including an Easter egg, probably the infamous Kojiro Abe-era Agony and the Ecstasy of the Puppets trailer) and of course create menus in the motif of the footage in the promo and on the current disc of the spooling 8mm film reels.

For our picture gift this week, here's a photo from the Nanking Massacre. If I didn't know it was from a historical atrocity I'd say it could be a rather hauntingly beautiful image, which, objectively, it kind of is. The cross-shaped telephone in the center-right of the image, looking like a crucifix, combined with the bodies littered around it, gives this image a Grunwald-like, plains of Golgotha look. It really looks like a vintage painting of tragedy. Someday people will think of World War II like how we view the Crusades, Black Death and Inquisition today.

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