Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I'm afraid I skimped yesterday so here's your weekly update a day late.

The recompilation of materials for Conversations with T.F. Mou is coming together nicely. Scanning some pictures of the Chiangs today from some library books to use in the early scenes about Taiwan. Most of the movie files have been recreated, will do more today. The interview footage is all recaptured. I'm editing the narration and doing a slug track using my voice to use in the rough cut.

The film may be more than 70 minutes long like originally planned. I did a rough estimate of runtime keeping everything within a certain, more liberal cap and got 85 minutes. But I'll probably do a fair share of tightening to the final cut.And here is a rare still from Mou's unreleased by IVL Shaw Brothers crime epc Bank Busters. I regret that I can't use any footage from it as Mou says it's easily his favorite of his Shaw Brothers works. Of his Shaw work, only this film and Lost Souls would he speak much of.

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