Friday, September 04, 2009

Been doodling a bit, making some illustrations I'm gonna throw up on my website today, here are some visions of future films I'd like to make.
A fetishistic mental image I have for Horror Colony, my planned balls-to-wall zombie period epic. A young female denizen of Plymouth Colony in the midst of a zombie attack.
Ellen, the protagonist of Coup D'Etat, rebelling hardcore against her Christian school's establishment.A strong mental image I have for the Godzilla film I'd like to do, Godzilla: Retribution. Godzilla triumphantly roars into the smoky night sky as Tokyo burns in his wake. Very 9/11, you know.My personal vision for Roald Dahl's The BFG. I don't know why nobody's ever done this as a live action film. Dahl is hard to adapt, since his ghoulishness, wittiness and childishness, like Dickens meets the Brothers Grimm, is difficult to translate to screen. I have plans to do my film a fair share more seriously than the book. My approach will be like Spike Jonez' upcoming Where the Wild Things Are.
Two of favorite images of Neon Genesis Evangelion, pilot Asuka Langley and what the Eva units look like stripped of their armour. I like the concept that under the Megazord-like armor lies a living creature that looks like a fearsome demon straight from the deepest pits of hell.

Doing some revisions for Alison in Wonderland and will have another T.F. Mou update next Tuesday, until then, adios.

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