Sunday, September 20, 2009

As my hard drive was having (most likely useless) repair attempted upon it, I've been hard at work on polishing up some scripts. Alison in Wonderland was revised a bit yet again and The Witch's Castle is undergoing revisions. As I read and revise it, I'm thinking more about how I'm gonna do it visually and I'll probably shoot select scenes in Super 16mm (the one's that need a more "organic" and gritty look) and the rest on the Red. Alison, like Little Red Riding Hood, will be in "simulated" 2.35:1 scope, and Witch's Castle will be 1.85:1.

Also doing Coup D'Etat and Horror Colony as screenplays right now, pretty happy with what I'm doing with those right now. Coup D'Etat is a much more meaningful story now, in the old days, it was a total Quentin Tarantino ripoff script (the most cloyingly awful kind of script) but now, while still having some of the same elements and such, has more meaning and drive. There are still some fetishistic in-jokes, like itching powder getting rubbed on sex toys and an awful street called Police Street lined entirely with whorehouses, drugs and other urban chaos, but it all exists to serve and spice up the plot. Nothing is truly gratuitous if it serves a purpose on your work. The main character, Ellen, now has an angry drive as her father was a left-wing anarchist who tried to blow up Congress. She resents her father for uprooting her life through his rash actions but also idolizes him and follows in his footsteps. The script is heavily critical of Bush Administration-era America. I will never let anyone forget how far America fell. The ending is one thing I've never really talked about much, but it's going to look like a mixture between Battle Royale, The Wild Bunch. If... with Malcolm McDowell, the DePalma/Stone/Pacino Scarface and Michael Mann's Heat with Ellen and her newly anarchistic schoolmates fighting the swat team in a blazing gun battle.

Horror Colony is another kettle of rotting fish all together. The original concept I conceived of was a very anarchic, fantasy-based Little Red Riding Hood/Troma film kind of trashfest with an incredibly racist depicting of the Native Americans, zero historical relevance and very low production values. I wanted to do it as a feature film with the Ryan and Neil crowd helping out but I then mentally abandoned the idea for a time. Recently, however, I saw the PBS miniseries We Shall Remain which very vividly depicts the true story of King Phillip's War, the terrible conflict that broke out between the English colonists and the Wampanoag Indians in the 1670s. I suddenly realized that if anything, Horror Colony would work better done with decent production values. So, in perhaps an idea simultaneously more and less controversial, I have mixed the idea of flesh eating zombies rising from the dead in Plymouth Colony with the real history of King Phillip's War and some of the real life people like Governor Josiah Winslow and Chief Metacomet (King Phillip). There's still some the anarchic humor (like a scene where a zombie, actually called a ghoul here, is killed by being beaten to death with a chamber pot) but the whole script is a strange but fulfilling mixture of horror, history and myth, like a mixture between Werner Herzog's Heart of Glass, Peter Jackson's Dead Alive and a Hammer flick. It's an effect like Tarantino's vision of World War II in Inglorious Basterds.

I am also, for bigger news considering filming a sequence from Alison in Wonderland as sort of a "screen test" to show investors (and put on YouTube to stir enthusiasm). This sequence, in all likelihood the Mad Hatter scene, will be shot sometime next spring and probably released to YouTube as a standalone short entitled A Mad Tea Party. It will be altered slightly so it can work as a standalone short film and will be refilmed with higher production values in the principal photography. It's looking unlikely at this point that the full movie will be funded and shot by the end of next summer, probably will not be happening until summer of 2011, with all honesty. It's a huge undertaking and will need more time to get together, especially with just myself as the real driving force, but at least we'll have Conversations with T.F. Mou for 2010.

I also turn 23 tomorrow. 23 years of joy, love, hate, despair, madness, etc. I finally feel like more or less an adult, as I now live completely on my own and am working on my first feature film and all. It's been a strange ride there, though.


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Very cool sounding projects!

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Alison in Wonderland sounds very worthy and deserving of effort.