Saturday, August 01, 2009

With much excitement, the interview segments with T.F. Mou for the next Gen-Y Films production, Conversations with T.F. Mou, have been shot and the film goes into post-production today. With special kudos to Kevin James and my uncle John for filming for long hours, Dan Rodriguez and PACTV for providing most of the fine equipment we used and T.F. Mou himself for providing the time, material and information necessary to finish it.
The interview footage we got (two angles and six hours in total) is good stuff and the interview is very dynamic, we talked about his early career in Taiwanese cinema, his Shaw work like Gun and Lost Souls, Men Behind the Sun, film censorship, world politics and filmmaking as I ran a show reel of his films in the background. Mr. Mou, meeting me for the second time, was humble and friendly. He also very kindly let me borrow a couple albums of never before seen behind the scenes photos that show you nearly every detail of shooting Men Behind the Sun.
In terms of when to expect all this, will probably have it finished and out to fests by Halloween but the DVD won't be until the Christmas season. Not going to start editing until I move to Cambridge. Expect a trailer in two weeks. The film will be a short feature/hour TV timeslot length work, probably about 45-70 minutes.


Anonymous said...

Jules, Jules, Jules- how do I get myself on the Dream House page?

J.L. Carrozza said...

You should be added to it very soon. Sometimes they add some names much slower than others.