Monday, July 06, 2009

The official Two Short Films by J.L. Carrozza DVD is now available to buy on my official website.

I can safely say, as parting words on this project, (though, as said, I will make a new pressing by Christmas at the latest with menus) that I am very proud of it. It was virtually a "one-man" operation that took me almost six months of hard work. With the exception of Kevin's relooping and Deirdre's dub for Dream House (which I recorded) and the scores I had commissioned, everything was done by me. The color correction, the editing, the more "film-like" look, the majority of the sound mixing and sound effects, all of the special features and if you order, the DVDs you will hold in my hand had inserts and discs printed by me and then all put together by my hands.

The films are, with all the objective certainty I can possibly throw on my own work, far superior editions of the films. They were both overlong and work better/are more shocking "quicker" and Dream House is like a different film entirely. The special features are as detailed as I could get, I wanted to throw in an interview where I discuss some of the films that inspired Little Red Riding Hood and Dream House but the shakey "movie clips rights" concept made me decide not to, but everything else is very extensive. The commentaries have as much information jam-packed into them that I could fit and was relevant for the films' onscreen happenings, the behind the scenes footage shows you just what really went on behind the scenes of these films and for those who couldn't bare the loss of some of the sequences in Dream House, there are the recut and much slicker versions of the scenes I axed from it. All of that, plus my first real foray into visceral horror, The Big Toe from the summers of 2002 and 2003!

I've been saying that I'm gonna make a DVD for years, I even had one made of all my old films but I didn't have the focus and will to sell it. Now it's finally here. I hope, if you decide to buy, that you enjoy seeing all of my hard work in digital versatile disc form.


Crocodile said...

I've ordered my copy!! Exciting!

Anton Phibes said...

I got mine on friday, cool!

Sergio Pena said...

Have you sent to me a copy? I'm now in LA and can't check my mailbox

J.L. Carrozza said...


It's most likely waiting for you back in Spain.