Sunday, June 07, 2009

YouTube clips of the two new cuts. Hope these entice you, the viewer, to see more.

From these clips you can see how things have changed, Little Red Riding Hood has been slicked up and Dream House has pretty much been completely overhauled.

Little Red Riding Hood features music by Herman Witkam. My thanks goes out to him for doing an absolutely ace job with the music.

You can see how I've used ambient noise to amp up the creepiness factor of the ghost scenes in Dream House, I was very inspired by Toru Takemitsu's Kwaidan and Woman in the Dunes scores, David Lynch's sound FX, Han Zimmer's Joker motif in The Dark Knight and The Exorcist's sound mix, as I said.

Interestingly enough, both these clips are the few bits of the movie that include music not written by Herman or Sergio, for Neil's appearence in Little Red Riding Hood, I used music actually written by Neil for Harold. I figured that a. it would be fitting for Neil to do the music for himself and b. I always liked the score for Harold but have as much pride for the actual film as a puddle of my own vomit. It sounds very "geriatric". I also used a brief non-original piece by Riz Ortolani in Dream House, "Girolimoni", it was used in the old cut too and I like its effect very much. I figured nobody would take offense at the use of about a minute of a very obscure piece of film music, but if they do I can always go back and remove it later.

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Ethan2Reed said...

The first clip reminds a bit of Peter Jackson's Bad Taste.