Friday, June 05, 2009

As I receive humorous YouTube threats on my life courtesy of Dave Luce and Tom "Eyeball Neck" Hinchey due to changes made to both films and their removal from YouTube, the new cut of Dream House is done. Yes, it's done. Took me two months longer than I thought it would, but it is now finished and I can forget about haunted houses and perverted rapists for a while.

Composer Sergio Pena did a fine job with the music and I'm happy with the film overall. It's a much lower key film than Little Red Riding Hood and much more a work of pure horror, though there's a slight element of political satire in the film (wacko townies and depressed goth kids). The new cut is much more serious, its aim is more obvious with all the crap trimmed out and the finale is way, way scarier and more disturbing made shorter.

All Little Red Riding Hood needs is a minor touch up and the rest of the music and I'll be set with that too.

There will be clips on YouTube of both new cuts as soon as that happens.

I can't say exactly when the DVD will be available (probably mid July), but most of the special features are donesville too or I at least have all the neccessary material to complete them. The commentaries need to be recorded and that's about it.

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