Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Well, it's back, in a new director's cut, by popular demand: The Magic Forest, the 2008 summer project I'd rather not remember, but I finally felt man enough to revisit it.

The changes to the movie are more extensive than I originally planned, a whole three minutes of runtime has been deleted and the film has been tightened up from 10 to 7 minutes. Most of the runtime is from the self indulgent end credits being turned into a faster crawl and the "greeting the puppet friends" scene being tightened up heavily. I used the zoom and reframe feature in Premiere Pro to get rid of most of the visible puppet handage which was a huge problem in the old cut caused by rushed shooting and the fact that the viewfinder and LCD screen on the GL2 crops off some of the visual information on the sides, tops and bottoms. I also chose to delete the 9th Symphony (I will not degrade Beethoven's music with puppets killing and fucking each other) and leave that scene with no music. I like it better without any music and actually find it funnier. It now plays like a spoof of a Last House on the Left/I Spit on Your Grave kind of film.

I've also jokingly taken the names of myself and 9/10 of everybody else involved out of the film with the exception of Dave Luce, who seems very proud of the movie.

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Anton Phibes said...

^ Dave Luce should be proud, he kicked ass in that movie. (Like always)