Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Just a few new things, as the new cuts of Little Red Riding Hood and Dream House and their respective DVD make the final lap to completion.

Working on another new draft of The Witch's Castle, far better, longer and with more buildup.

Though the time period at which both were made was painful for me and I said I'd never revisit it anytime soon, The Magic Forest and Unborn are coming back to YouTube as YouTube exclusives.

The changes to the former will be minor with no more 9th Symphony, John O'Banion and Rush and some trimming here and there and some additional puppet handage erasure. Unborn will be a little more different. It will be similar but made to look like a bad 16mm-sourced trailer on a VHS tape from a company like Vestron, Prism, Goodtimes Home Video or Video Treasures (the old face of Anchor Bay) in the 80s. It would be something you'd see and rent in the horror isle of Blockbuster Video in 1991 sitting next to Fred Olen Ray's Scalps or Peter Jackson's Bad Taste and would see on the "also available from Vestron Video" montage at the beginning of the tape of Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers or Rabid Grannies.

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