Saturday, May 23, 2009

Finished a new draft of Witch's Castle that clocks in at 97 pages, just the length I wanted. Proofreading that then I'll get started on finished drafts of Coup D'Etat, Horror Colony and finish Godzilla: Retribution.

It's a far superior with a lot of added on character development and exposition that tells you "how" and "why" everything happened. It's also more dramatic and less exploitation-like.

As far as filming Witch's Castle, I'm thinking way more about Alison in Wonderland right now, but I do think about Witch's Castle sometimes too. I definitely want a 1.85 aspect ratio but am on the fence about color. I am considering black and white Super 16 for a very grim visual scheme but I may simply settle on arid, muted color instead. I definitely want to use wider lenses and more handheld camera work than Alison for a more documentary feel.

Witch's Castle will not be posted either to keep everything a surprise once it comes out (I want to make it right on the heels of Alison). I think I will post Godzilla: Retribution though, since it's kind of just for fun.


Crocodile said...

You're a busy man. Do you ever get writer's block? From the amount of projects you're working on I'll assume not.

J.L. Carrozza said...

Yes, but then I just edit for a week instead!