Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The new cut of Little Red Riding Hood is pretty much done as I hunt for a new composer for that one after Chris disappeared on me. Other than that, though and a few minor touch ups that need to be done, it's pretty much finished.

Dream House is still going strong but near the end too, got some final sound mixing, a few shots of pick ups to refilm quickly and an actress, Deirdre Yee, who is going to redub Kate in the next week or so. Also have a very talented composer, Sergio Pena, doing the score. What I've heard of his music is great, reminescent a bit of Pino Donaggio's music.
While I've been waiting for all that to materialize, I did a new draft of Alison in Wonderland I'm much happier with. I've revised lots of it and it flows much better with the point of it (a spiritual journey story with Wonderland being a metaphor for Bush America) even stronger than before. I've added about 10 pages of scenes to bring to runtime to 70 pages. Now I will have a 70 minute film on my hands. This new draft is pretty much my locked down version and I will use it to find funding.

There are several new scenes added which flesh out the characters and arcs much better, but my favorite being a scene where the Red Queen has her black court jester put on a puppet show inspired by Flavor of Love.

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