Sunday, March 29, 2009

Well, I thought I'd finally show off some of what I had for the new cuts of Little Red Riding Hood and Dream House, not only are they both tightened up to more unpretentious lengths and now are having decent sound mixes made that don't sound like someone running a scalpel across a chalk board, but the color correction on both has been redone. Proceeding are old version (top) and new version (bottom) comparisons.

Little Red Riding Hood
Though the old cuts of Little Red Riding Hood were much better received than Dream House, they still have loads of problems. The first cut is better edited but corrected and compressed more poorly and the second cut looks better but has silly music from Ren & Stimpy ruining the mood and sloppier cutting. The color correction on both has always driven me crazy since after I made Dream House. While the film is more over the top, comedic and cartoony than its successor, I chose sickening, Godzilla: Final Wars like color filters for each shot and heavy, heavy contrast and that all looked rather ugly. This new cut still retains the effect of some of the old filters but in a much more subtle fashion and looks far more pleasing to the eye and naturalistic. Nature's colors are far lovelier than anything a computer could make, as you will see here.Dream House
The problems of the original cut of Dream House are many. It was an absolutely relentlessly sloppy film. The original cut's color filters were once again way too over the top and here I've gone for a more naturalistic tone most of the time. The ghost scenes have been recolored even more though to give them a creepier quality (with several others elements as well which you'll see when it all comes together), but everything has been tweaked much more subtly than in the original cut without the over the top contrast. The colors of the raw footage have been enhanced rather then manipulated into being something they're not. Back in 2007 I overdid the color correction to make everything look more "cinematic" but only succeeded in making it look more amateurish in the process. I also made the mistake of correcting the scenes in the bar and with Kate's attempted rape at the end too warmly, I have gone for a much more intimidating, cooler job here. Now let's take a look.
Okay, better get back to work now. The sound is pretty much done for Little Red Riding Hood and getting there for Dream House.


Crocodile said...

YES! I am so stoked for these!

Ethan2Reed said...
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Ethan2Reed said...

Having never seen the films I really don't know what to expect, but the color correction seems to be a lot better. The only instance where I disagree is in the fourth picture of "Little Red Riding Hood", as the detailed image makes the make-up look more obvious. By the way, will you be selling these on DVD?

Neil Cicierega said...

Hi Jules! Long, long time no chat. I think it sucks we've drifted apart, but I'd like to hang out sometime soon. I was taking a look back at some of your movies the other day and I definitely want to check out these new edits when they're done.

I really like the new color corrections, they really cut back on some of the overbearing or amateurish effects of the originals, but there are a couple shots that feel like they've lost something. Specifically the autumn orange of the forest in LRRH, I think is really cool, just a little too saturated.
Still, it's nice to see you come around to naturalistic shots, I know how hard it is to resist overediting everything.

J.L. Carrozza said...


I'll think about the recoloring on that scene in LRRH. I weirdly like the old version too since its temperature is cooler and makes it scarier. Perhaps this new version's a bit too warm. And yes, they are coming to DVD sometime in the summer.

Neil, as for the orange forest stuff, everybody likes it, I just don't for some reason. A forest in the middle of summer should look green.

And yes, as I said, my attempts to make my films look "more Hollywood" only made them more amateurish. Many Hollywood films overdo the color correction anyways.

Anonymous said...

See you Tuesday man.