Wednesday, March 11, 2009

18 pages of the close to final draft of the Alison in Wonderland script.

These are just 18 pages of scenes so nothing too spoilerish. Included is the scene early on (but not at the beginning) of Alison eating with her cold parents and then seeing the unnamed American President declare himself "President for Life" in the name of national security. Also included is the White Rabbit scene, the first half of the Mad Hatter scene (picture Dave Luce in the role please) and the Dining with the Red Queen and Card Guard execution scenes.


Ethan2Reed said...

It's good, but the Mad Hatter scene feels like it's there just to include the reference to snuff movies, perhaps the dialogue should focus more on other subjects; and the snuff part should be treated as something casual. Just saying.

J.L. Carrozza said...


Oh I agree.

I always found that bit at the beginning of the Hatter scene forced but couldn't think of a conversation to put there that didn't sound like a Tarantino ripoff sequence. I'll probably revise that scene a bit.

Anonymous said...

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