Tuesday, February 03, 2009

So I just recut the visual aspect for Dream House. Except for the extensive post-sync sound work I'm gonna do and some pick up shots, the new cut is pretty much in "fine cut".

All I can say is, holy shit, I've cut a whopping 12 minutes out of the film to bring the run-time to around 15 minutes and the film is only all the better for it. With a less meandering pace, it's now as good a film as Little Red Riding Hood. In the immortal words of Tyrell from Blade Runner, it burns twice as brightly for half as long.

The funny thing is, Little Red Riding Hood in its new cut looks like it'll actually be a longer film, since a lot more of that film's raw footage is essential to the plot. It's crazy, I could have cut Dream House into a fantastic film two years ago but I was so arrogant I refused to make many cuts to it even after that's all people complained about because I was an "artiste" and I had to have a half hour film. Literally, 90% of the film's problems are from careless post production.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, you're making a recut? Call me sometime- I'd like to hear about it.