Sunday, February 08, 2009

Both Little Red Riding Hood and Dream House are in fine cut once more now. Little Red Riding Hood runs 15 minutes, Dream House runs 14 minutes (!).

Little Red Riding Hood has all the same scenes it did in the (still kind of self indulgent in my opinion now) 20 minute cut, everything still happens, it's just a bit tighter and happens quicker, which is seldom a bad thing.

Dream House has been cut by, as I said, about 12 minutes, everything's been tightened and slicked up, but several whole or partial scenes have been cut:
-The second half of the house arrival scene (with Kevin and Kate in the kitchen)
-The second car ride scene.
-The silly love interlude scene shot at Brant Rock. Bits of this scene have still been incorporated into the film in a different way, though. I gonna put it in the film because I liked how it looked but then I realized the story stood perfectly fine on its own without it.
-The second half of the "finding the diary" sequence. I didn't like Kevin's entrance into that scene, it makes it way too cartoony.
-The scene where Kevin confronts Craig. Though in the original script, the film works fine without it and there isn't enough lead in. I like the scene, but it just doesn't feel right in the context of the rest of the film.

Now onto filming some pick-ups, doing some redubbing for Dream House and doing all the foley for both films.


Anonymous said...

When will you be releasing these on DVD and will there be commentary?

J.L. Carrozza said...

The DVD looks likely around summer.

The films will be going out to festivals before then though.

The special features will be relatively extensive. New trailers, behind the scenes footage for both films and yes, commentary.

Anonymous said...

Lovely! Sounds good!

Anonymous said...

Good to know man, looking forward to it.