Friday, January 16, 2009

I'm thinking about making "special editions" of Little Red Riding Hood and Dream House for DVD.

The fact is, I can't legally sell any of my films on DVD. I stupidly kept using copywritten music in my films because I was obsessed with the past. Thanks to that, if I start selling DVDs of my films, I could get a "cease and desist" phone call from Madonna's lawyers.

I really would like to make special editions of both movies, so I'm gonna make new versions.

Of course, all of the copywritten music will be removed from both films.

The films be will recut from scratch once more and visually improved, the audio, particularly on Dream House, will be mended as best as can be done.

Little Red Riding Hood will be tightened up slightly (probably cut from 21 to 19 or 18 minutes) and Dream House will be tightened up significantly, it will be cut from 26 minutes to around 22 to 20 minutes. Cut from Dream House will be the entire "Gary confronts Frank" sequence, the bar scene will be considerably shortened, the scene where Jessica finds the diary will be cut in half and the scene with Ryan as William will be shortened a bit.

The biggest change, however, will be that I am going to be trying to find people to score the films. I am going to commissioning new scores from whoever will do it and do it well.

Red will also strike first in Little Red Riding Hood and I'm gonna digitally replace Eyeball Neck with Hayden Christensen. A scene with Dave running down the stairs upside with blood spurting out of his mouth may also be added into one of the movies and I'm considering replacing the katanas with walkie-talkies.

All that said, it might not even happen, as sadly I made the dumb mistake of deleting all 50 GB of my raw footage avi files off my hard drive thinking I would need them again, so it all depends on if the MiniDV tape masters of said raw footage are still playable. MiniDV tapes are sadly horrendous when it comes to archival soundness. Picture the frailty of VHS (gets a lot of tape damage), but with the volatility of storing digital information. Tape damage that with VHS would only cause a few tracking lines causes horrible amounts of ugly pixelization. So this project will only go forth if the tapes, now years old, aren't toast.

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