Wednesday, December 31, 2008

In about 35 minutes, by Eastern Standard Time, it's going to be 2009!

I'm looking forward to this new year! Whether it will yield Alison in Wonderland is unknown. The year will be, as I said, mostly dedicated to just getting myself off the ground and on a sturdy pairs of financial legs: a challenge in today's economy, but hardly impossible. A challenge is always more fun than a monotonous simple task anyways!

Due to an ongoing drama in my life, I became very weak and desperate, almost pathetic really. Sadly, people do take advantage of you in that state. The New England Institute of Art proved to be a huge disappointment at best and a nightmare at worst. The school had a weird attraction to the mentally ill and desperate, no doubt thanks to the fact that it would admit anybody and is a franchise owned and operated by the something company responsible for ITT Tech.

Still, even if all the shit I learned about filmmaking there could have been learned on Wikipedia or any Google search, the life lessons it taught me were invaluable. It showed me how hard I could fall if I didn't watch my step and mind my surroundings.

I learned a lot, more in 2008 than in all 21 years of my life prior. I learned about who I was. I found out who my real friends were. I am found out about my past and exactly how it got me here. Best of all, I found out how to move forward.

I update my website last night. The updates should speak louder than any explanation. I thank everybody reading this for their support of Gen-Y Films over the years. I hope you all have a wonderful, fruitful 2009.


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Jon Leo said...

Happy New Years Jules! Hope 2009 is a happy and prosperous year for you.