Wednesday, December 31, 2008

In about 35 minutes, by Eastern Standard Time, it's going to be 2009!

I'm looking forward to this new year! Whether it will yield Alison in Wonderland is unknown. The year will be, as I said, mostly dedicated to just getting myself off the ground and on a sturdy pairs of financial legs: a challenge in today's economy, but hardly impossible. A challenge is always more fun than a monotonous simple task anyways!

Due to an ongoing drama in my life, I became very weak and desperate, almost pathetic really. Sadly, people do take advantage of you in that state. The New England Institute of Art proved to be a huge disappointment at best and a nightmare at worst. The school had a weird attraction to the mentally ill and desperate, no doubt thanks to the fact that it would admit anybody and is a franchise owned and operated by the something company responsible for ITT Tech.

Still, even if all the shit I learned about filmmaking there could have been learned on Wikipedia or any Google search, the life lessons it taught me were invaluable. It showed me how hard I could fall if I didn't watch my step and mind my surroundings.

I learned a lot, more in 2008 than in all 21 years of my life prior. I learned about who I was. I found out who my real friends were. I am found out about my past and exactly how it got me here. Best of all, I found out how to move forward.

I update my website last night. The updates should speak louder than any explanation. I thank everybody reading this for their support of Gen-Y Films over the years. I hope you all have a wonderful, fruitful 2009.


Friday, December 26, 2008

I'm thinking a lot about Alison in Wonderland.

It might take me about a year to raise the money. I dunno. If I'm lucky it'll shoot next summer and done by Christmas, if I'm not so lucky, summer and Christmas 2010.

I was watching the end of Kinji Fukasaku's Battles Without Honor and Humanity: Deadly Fight in Hiroshima, which appears to have been shot in 16mm for a haunting and gritty feel and I got an idea.

I'd like to mix stocks on Alison too for an interesting vibe. The film has two halves: one set in a very gritty, real world suburban Bush America, the other set in, naturally, Wonderland. Ideally and if I was made of money, I'd shoot the "real world" scenes in progressive scan HD thanks to its ultra crisp, clean and gritty feel and then the Wonderland stuff in Super 16mm thanks to its more organic look, but shooting on those two costly professional formats would put the film's tab at $30,000 already! Plus telecine for the 16mm and then 35mm blow up and all that jazz! What I'll probably do is shoot the real world stuff on SD (with the Canon GL-2 like my old movies) and then the Wonderland stuff on HDV.

Probably gonna touch up the script and take out and add some stuff for more believablity.

Also, nobody from my former movies (except maybe Dave Luce as the Mad Hatter) is likely going to be in this one.

When Alison in Wonderland does finally come out, it is going to be something like you've never seen from me. No more funny "grindhouse fetish films" for YouTube. It was a good place to start and fun when I did that kind of thing with Little Red Riding Hood, but it's now time to make genuine, real films with tactile characters who feel like real people.

I think I'm keeping my name J.L. Carrozza, by the way, for now at least.

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Hi guys.

Long time, no post, eh?

Anyways, a few announcements I've been at work on since the last time I posted here.

First off, I am diving right back into that which caused me so much pain: Alice in Wonderland!

That's right! I'm going to at least try to make the film again!

It will not be called Alice in Wonderland, anymore, however, but Alison in Wonderland.

I am interested in many places and themes I can take this film. One of my favorite themes is similar to that of Guillermo Del Toro's Pan's Labyrinth. It's theme of a girl in an ugly political climate retreating to a fantasy world to find solace.

I also love the idea of someone living in a world gone made finding peace within themselves. It's a beautiful theme to me that resonates with all of us.

Therefore, Alison in Wonderland, rather than be another Jules movie grindhouse fetish film with perverted jokes like everything I've made prior, will be given a psychological, spiritual and political center.

I've written a script and am close to a final draft. I think the script works much better than my old ones but also still has a few kinks to iron out. The Mad Hatter scene is too goddamn nasty, for one thing. The Hatter is meant to be pretty much the most frightening character but I need to find a way to make the character work just as well without making him so vile that my audience won't want any part of the film.

I am going to invest in every bit of film equipment I need (including an HD camera) and what I can't afford I'll build. The beauty of the internet is that just as you can find out how to build your own bombs from household items and become an infamous guerrilla terrorist like Timothy McVeigh, you can also become the next Peter Jackson by finding out how to build your own steadycams, dollies and dolly track, depth of field adapter, etc.

I hope to get $10,000 for the film either through my own means (working and socking away money in a saving account which I am already doing) or by finding investors. I'll keep an open mind about all that.

So yeah, the film will be shooting whenever it's ready. I hope to have it finished by Christmas of next year and have it ready for submission to film festivals everywhere.

It will not be put on YouTube, however. YouTube is shitty quality, it can only fit 10 minute videos and the YouTube audiences are not my crowd. I'll put some trailers and behind the scenes stuff up on my new YouTube account but not the whole film. Why give away your baby for free in low quality on the internet to a bunch of immature teenagers? What was I thinking before?

Also, I will not post the new script. I want everyone to be surprised when the movie comes out.

Finally, I am again changing my name. Alison in Wonderland will be the first film directed by J.L. Knight. Knight is my father's side's family's surname anyways. I like it.

I will use J.L. Knight as the name for my movies and scripts and J.L Carrozza still, however, as the name for my writing and film criticism.