Thursday, August 21, 2008

Here's some more The Magic Forest information.

We shot the live action scenes with Dave Luce as a demented clown last night.

I think you're all gonna like this.

Filming wraps on Monday for the puppet stuff.

In the meantime, here are the full credits:
The Magic Forest
2008, Gen-Y Films
Written and Directed by J.L. Carrozza
Director of Photography: J.L. Carrozza
Editing: J.L. Carrozza
Sound: David Luce, J.L. Carrozza
Art Direction: J.L. Carrozza
Puppeteers: Ryan Murphy, Max Pacheco, Neil Cicierega
David Luce- Scumbag the Clown/The Wizard (voice)
J.L. Carrozza- Barry the Bear (voice)
Ryan Murphy- Ally the Alligator (voice)
Helen Smithee (aka Someone Who Wanted Their Name Removed From This Film)- Miranda the Monkey (voice)
Jake Quilty Dunn- Wally the Weasel (voice)
Kate Noyes- Seymour the Squirrel (voice)

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