Monday, May 07, 2007

A few more updates! I've decided to give the part of Nicky to Charli "Red" Henley instead of
Lindsay. I'd just rather work with somebody I've worked with before. Also, sadly my friend Jack is out of the project. I told him that we'll unfortunately be shooting the bar scene at fairly short notice since everyone has different schedules. I also extended the script another two pages, adding a "graveyard" sequence in which my friend Ryan will be playing a creepy graveyard caretaker who tells the young couple the full story of Nicky's fate.

I'm having the cast and crew over in about a month. The films I'll be showing them for inspiration will be Bava's Shock, Argento's Suspiria and the Shaw Brothers horror anthology Haunted Tales.

The next post, which will either be posted later tonight or sometime tomorrow, will deal with the influences of Dream House.

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Moyna said...

You write very well.