Saturday, April 14, 2007

Dream House is my newest film and I am aiming for a late June shoot. The film concerns a young couple who move into a new house. However, it soon turns out that the house is haunted by the vengeful ghost of Nicky, a rape victim. Soon the sicko who raped her shows up to prey on the wife, but before he can do his terrible deed, something supernatural intervenes.

Here are some facts on Dream House:

-It's going to cost about the same as Little Red Riding Hood.
-It's going to be shot on a borrowed Canon GL-2, meaning it'll look quite a bit better than Little Red Riding Hood, image quality-wise.
-The film will feature several long takes.
-The soundtrack will consist of some original Neil Cicierega music mixed in with some non-original songs and instrumental music I like.
-In terms of the cast, my friend Kevin James is playing Gary, the husband. Dave "The Wolf" Luce is playing the Rapist. My friends Richard and Tom are playing the real-estate dealer Frank and Neo-Nazi Ted, respectively. I have an actress almost cast for the role of Jessica and I'm trying to get someone cast for the role of Nicky. I have Charli "Little Red Riding Hood" Henley in mind for the role, but I'm not currently sure as to her availability.

As for what's coming after Dream House, I have several ideas, everything from Malice in Wonderland to a Nazisploitation spoof called Torture Camp of the SS to a Gialli set in a college dorm. Maybe I'll make all three.